Prevent Foot Injuries: 3 Stretches You Should Do Daily

Your feet endure a lot each and every day. Imagine everywhere you walk or run, and consider how much your feet are going through. If you aren't careful, you could end up injuring your feet or your ankles. If you are always on the go or you are putting your feet and ankles through a bit more challenging for your feet, such as exercising, running, biking, or hiking, you need to be sure you are stretching to prevent injury. Stretching daily can loosen your ligaments and your muscles, which can prevent injury. Read on for a few exercises you should do daily to prevent injury.

1. Ankle Rotations

Rotate your ankles in a clockwise motion to create a circle. You can do this while sitting down or standing. Point your toes and move your ankles in a circle, then rotate them in a counter-clockwise motion. Repeat on the other ankle. Doing these simple stretches for your ankles can help loosen up your ankles and prevent rolling your ankle or spraining your ankle, which can occur easily after tripping or just from stepping wrong. If your ankles are stretched out though, it can prevent this from happening.

2. Toe Pickups

Use your toes to pick up a washcloth or something lightweight and easy to grab with your feet. By doing this, it can strengthen your ligaments that run from your toes to your heel, and it can also help prevent plantar fasciitis and also strengthen your entire foot. This exercise may also help prevent shin splints. Repeat for both feet, and pick up the towel or small item a couple of different times.

3. Arch Rolling

Roll a bottle of water on the floor with your foot, using your arch to roll the bottle of water. Doing this can help loosen the arch in your foot and the other ligaments in your feet as well. Roll the bottle with your arch for at least 30 seconds and repeat on the other foot. You can also pull your foot up onto your opposite thigh and massage the arch in your foot to loosen the arch and muscles in your foot. Repeat with the other foot.

Prevent foot injuries by stretching daily. Stretching any part of your body can help loosen your muscles and ligaments and also strengthen them as well. Talk to a foot doctor about other stretches you should be doing to prevent injuries and to strengthen your feet and ankles.